Auto-klean manufacture a complete range of filters designed to protect plant and processes by the removal of harmful or unwanted solids from fluids.

Auto-klean offer a wide range of options including self-cleaning, simplex and duplex strainers.

Auto-klean's Klariflo range of cartridge filter units can be used in applications where fine filtration is required of water, oils and chemicals.

  • Please see the product pages for details of our range of products, and contact us by e-mail or telephone for further assistance.


Supplying filtration solutions to industry for more than 80 years and producer of the first self-cleaning filter which revolutionised filtration in the marine world

  • ​           Filter units supplied more than 50 years ago are still in use in steel works and power stations around the world
  • Filters supplied more than 30 years ago are still in use on RFA ships
    • Full spares and refurbishment programme for filters supplied more than 70 years ago.


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